The purpose of this award is to foster, recognize, and advance research by a doctoral student or post-doc researcher focusing on physiological phenomena. In particular, basic science research using animal models, research using physiological measures in experimental or quasi-experimental designs, and physiological modeling development will exemplify the type of research that would be accepted for consideration for this award. 

The Patsy A. Perry Award for Physiological Nursing Research was started, and is supported, by Patsy A. Perry, RN, PhD, Professor (Retired), Arizona State University College of Nursing. The purpose of the award is to recognize outstanding biological research conducted by nurses. The award recipient will receive a certificate and a cash award of $100.00. The award-winning paper, in its entirety, will be included in the conference proceedings.

2005:   Angela Starkweather, Intercollegiate College of Nursing, Washington State University, Spokane, WA
2006:   Hilaire J. Thompson, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
2009:   Michael Schlicher, Nursing Research Service, Brooke Army Medical Center, Fort Sam Houston, Texas
2010:   Ann Elizabeth Lowe, University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
2012:   Charles A. Downs, Emory University, Atlanta, GA
2013:   Lauren Thorngate, University of Washington, Seattle, WA


Eligibility for the Patsy A. Perry Award for Physiological Nursing Research is tied to the abstract submission process. Those eligible for the award will be individuals who:

1. submit an abstract for consideration by the Program Committee;

2. mark the appropriate item on the online abstract submission form indicating the desire to be considered for the Patsy A. Perry Award for Physiological Nursing Research;

3. are doctoral students, post-doctoral fellows, or nurse researchers not more than two years post doctoral degree;

4. have assumed primary responsibility for the conceptualization, the experimental or quasi-experimental design, and the conduct of the study reported;

5. have conducted a study dealing with biological/physiological phenomenon, preferably basic science questions;

6. have their respective abstracts accepted by the Program Committee for podium presentation as completed research at the 2021 Communicating Nursing Research Conference.

The  Selection Committee for the Patsy A. Perry Award for Physiological Nursing Research will review the self-identified abstracts and select an award winner. The Award winner will then submit a full paper of up to five (5) pages on the completed research for publication in the conference proceedings by the deadline of Friday, February 12, 2021.

Each abstract will be judged on the basis of:

  1. quality of research;
  2. quality of written presentation; and
  3. relevance of the study for advancing knowledge.

1. Quality of the Research

  •  Do the research hypotheses stem from a rationale based on pertinent and recent literature, (data based studies from the past 5-7 years and classic studies if appropriate), in the area of investigation?
  • Is the purpose of the study, clearly and concisely developed, based on previous research findings, and theoretical papers relevant to advancing the state of knowledge in the area of investigation?
  • Is the research method, designed to answer the research questions posed, appropriate?
  • Is the sample size adequate for the statistical methods used, (i.e,. is a power analysis performed, effect size)?
  • Are the physiological/other measures reliable and valid?
  • Are data analysis techniques used appropriate for the level of measurement of the variables?
  • Are the results presented limited to the extent permitted by data analysis performed?
  • Is the discussion of the current study findings clear and concise, incorporating and building on previous findings?

2. Quality of the Written Presentation

  • Is the paper written in a systematic, logical and lucid manner?
  • Does the paper use correct grammar and syntax?

3. Relevance of the Study for Advancing Knowledge

  • Does the research question(s) address an issue relevant to advancing knowledge of physiological phenomena?
  • Do the findings of the study provide current information of value to researchers, scientists, clinicians and/ or educators?
  • Are implications of the findings for research, theory development, science, education, or practice clearly delineated?
  • Do the findings of the study build on existing knowledge and generate new questions for further research?

The Patsy A. Perry Award for Physiological Nursing Research Selection Committee will select the 2021 recipient.

The Patsy A. Perry Award for Physiological Nursing Research will be presented at the awards ceremony held in conjunction with the 54th Annual Communicating Nursing Research Conference, April 14-17, 2021, at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City.  A plaque and a cash award of $100 will be presented at the awards ceremony.

WIN is not able to defray registration fees or reimburse travel expenses for the award recipient.

Please read the WIN Call for Abstracts for additional details on the award and the abstract submission process. Abstracts are accepted through the WIN online abstract submission form. The link to the individual paper submission form is located at the end of the Call for Abstracts. The 5 page paper will be submitted by the award winner via email to by the stated deadline.