Mission Statement

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Adopted by Board of Governors
April 13, 2011

The mission of WIN is to provide, among nurses in the West, visionary leadership in nursing
research, practice, and education to improve the health of the public.

The Western Institute of Nursing: Leading Nursing Research, Education and Practice

Goal 1: Provide forums for the exchange of scholarship and research
1. Organize a conference with the goals of developing science and mentoring novice researchers.
2. Implement strategies at the conference whereby clinicians can share and network about research best practices.
3. Use the conference as a context for creating communities of practitioners, educators and researchers who could network between conferences. One method would be special interest groups.
4. Support NEXus and other innovative ways of making graduate education collaborative and accessible.
5. Advertise the conference in ways that will bring in new members and presenters.
5.  Evaluate the leadership development project with the goal of improving its implementation.
5.  Collaborate with schools to enhance the value of the conference for their students and faculty.
6. Annually compare WIN to other regional organizations in terms of membership, conferences, and other activities.

Goal 2: Stabilize and expand funding sources in order to meet financial goals.
1. Increase profits through recruiting new members, retaining current members and achieving greater involvement and visibility of senior scientists, deans, chief nursing officers/executives, directors and others holding positions of organizational leadership.
2. Improve marketing and increase attendance at the annual conference.
3. Optimize grant funding.
4. Formalize business relationships with NEXus.

Goal 2: Encourage the application of evidence based practice.
1. Provide a forum for dissemination of meritorious research into practice.
2. Showcase practice-based research at the annual conference.
3. Encourage clinician-research partnerships to demonstrate the research-Magnet connection at the annual conference.
4. Include research utilization in the leadership development project.
5. Reinstate and market the Best Practice Poster session.

Goal 2: Encourage the incorporation of meritorious research in nursing curricula.
1. Provide a forum for dissemination of research projects on models of innovative or evaluative educational approaches.
2. Identify plenary speakers who will demonstrate ways to include research in nursing curricula and/or proposed research partnerships with clinical agencies.
3. Provide a forum for dissemination of student research projects at annual communicating nursing research conference.
4. Encourage clinician and research faculty partnerships to mentor student researchers and/or provide arena for student research projects.
5. Provide support for the Governor of Nursing Education to serve as WIN Board liaison to NEXus.

Goal 3: Facilitate WIN having a voice in healthcare policy deliberations and formulation.
1. Collaborate with nursing research, education and practice specialty organizations to assure that the West has a voice in establishing funding priorities.
2. Offer a session on policy issues at the annual conference.
3. Provide resources for the WIN President to participate in meetings as a representative of the West; e.g., CANS, NINR, others.

Note: Three goals and some activities within the goals were rated similarly by the membership. Their assigned priority for both goals and activities reflects the input of the membership.