The Western Institute of Nursing exists to bring together a diverse community of nurses in a shared commitment to advance nursing science, education, and practice to improve health outcomes.

The Western Institute of Nursing: Leading Nursing Research, Education and Practice

Updated:  February 19, 2016

Goal: Foster partnerships (and facilitate collaboration) among researchers, educators, and clinicians


  • Speed Networking for Clinicians and Researchers
  • WIN is offering a new networking experience to bring research and practice communities together. Are you a clinician with a clinical question that needs evidence-based research to answer in order to improve your patient care? Are you a researcher with methodological skills in need of clinical expertise and access to a patient population?  WIN will be offering a unique session where researchers and clinicians will have the opportunity to meet together and explore common interests. Like “speed dating” this session will allow you to explore similar interests that might lead to a collaborative research study. This session will be offered on the first day of the conference in order to continue networking during the conference.  Participants should bring business cards with them.
  • For clinician-researcher matches who go on to draft a proposal to submit for any funding opportunity, WIN will offer a review of your draft by an experienced proposal reviewer.
  • Symposia
    • Have to have implications for each REP on the overview abstract
  • Develop Roundtables co-facilitated by content experts in Research, Education, and Practice
  • Feature a publication and ask Chat Room how it applied to Researchers, Educators and Practitioners
  • Highlight a new partnership on the website each year.

Goal: Build capacity for nursing scholarship in education, practice, and research


  • How to do systematic review, grant writing, concept analysis, poster/podium presentations.
  • How to develop a research question from your clinical practice, then what resources are available to make it happen. Begin with preconference workshop (no charge), video or webinar at an alternate date.
  • Twitter networking at conferences
  • Targeted and spontaneous networking using Twitter as above
  • Expertise directory
  • Information about scholarships, jobs, post-docs. Develop ListServe

Goal: Develop and implement fundraising initiatives


  • Raise funds for small grants: research, education and practice.
  • Awards for research specific areas
    • Gerontology
    • End of life
    • Children
    • Interpersonal violence
    • NSC
    • Home
  • Help nurture a culture of philanthropy throughout the organization, via discussions, website, mailings, newsletters, holiday greetings, updates. Let people choose preference for snail mail, email, etc.
  • Establish giving categories
  • Create tab on website for donations, where they can choose specific funds to which to donate; ie., 50by50, small grants, other.
  • Budget money for snail mail contacts with members;
  • Grant call that addresses collaboration among research, education and practice for funding opportunities.

Goal: Grow and sustain membership


  • Establish membership growth goal (e.g., 10%/year)
  • Improve ease of registration
  • Produce signage
    • Doors
    • Podiums
    • Tables
  • Create banners for email signatures.
  • Social Media
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook
  • Create pamphlets or brochures stressing: WIN helps you advance your career, provides opportunities for mentoring and networking.
  • WIN Website
    • Redesign to be dynamic
    • Use a “catch” phrase
    • Expand content to include
      • Job search & Education
      • RNs
        • New
        • Interactive
        • Spotlights
        • Mentoring
        • Networking
    • Develop blogs.

Goal: Increase the visibility of WIN for nursing in the West


  • Communication
    • Email, WIN website, social media; Focus on Research, Education & Practice written and verbal
  • Update website
  • Email WIN News to members past and present
  • Post news items on website
  • Maintain updated Facebook page
  • Create and use Twitter account
  • Ads in SOS, CANS, AACN, Magnet brochures
  • Add tagline to logo
    • Research, Education, & Practice, or “Integrated collaboration partnerships”
  • Marketing
    • Identify target audience (ex: AACN conference)
    • Plan strategies (CEO/CNO group)
    • Target venues
    • Magnet journal organizations
    • Students
    • Add “marketing” to the Board’s job description
  • 50th Anniversary Celebration Committee and WIN History Committee
  • Increase connections between WIN and Magnet Hospitals