Congratulations to all WIN members and friends who are included in the 2019 Class of American Academy of Nursing Fellows:

Kupiri Ackerman-Barger, University of California, Davis
June Cho, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Joanne T. Clavelle, GetWellNetwork
KC Clevenger, University of Rochester Medical Center
Cecelia L. Crawford, Kaiser Permanente
Lisa Day, Washington State University
Mary Ellen Dellefield, Veterans Affairs San Diego Healthcare System
Sheila M. Gephart, The University of Arizona
Karen E. Johnson, The University of Texas at Austin
Maria Danet Lapiz Bluhm, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Jane Lassetter, Brigham Young University
Monica Rose McLemore, University of California, San Francisco
Linda Anne Silvestri, Elsevier
Asma A. Taha, Oregon Health & Science University
Andrea S. Wallace, University of Utah
Elaine Walsh, University of Washington
Mayumi A. Willgerodt, University of Washington
Charlene A. Winters, Montana State University