DEI Resources

AACN Diversity Tool Kit

Webinar by Campaign for Action: Improving Student Wellness by Understanding Microaggressions

Webinar by Campaign for Action: Promotion Health Equity By Understanding Unconscious Bias

Harvard University – Resources for Self-Care

The Health Equity NP – Race & Health Equity Resources

The Nap Ministry

National Commission to Address Racism in Nursing

Network Weaver – Dismantling Racism and White Supremacy Culture

PeaceLove – Mental Health Organizations + Resources for BIPOC

Key Resources on Climate Change and Racism

Recent articles from WIN colleagues related to DEI:

Ackerman-Barger, K., Jacobs, N. N., Orozco, R., & London, M. (2021). Addressing Microaggressions in Academic Health: A Workshop for Inclusive Excellence. MedEdPORTAL : the journal of teaching and learning resources, 17, 11103.

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Docherty, A., Stoyles, S., Najjar, R., & Woolley, R. (2022). Oregon PRAMS 2012-2018: Revealing racial inequity in postpartum depression. Research in nursing & health45(2), 163–172.

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