Development Campaign

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The 2018 Development Campaign of the Western Institute of Nursing (WIN) is in the process of raising $20,000 by the July 2018.  WIN’s development fund that has two major purposes:

  • Increase the size of the current joint research grants WIN sponsors.
  • Offer new research grants. As the sources of federal funding have diminished, it is essential that the profession ensure access to private funding to support nurse researchers’ projects and the development of nursing knowledge.

Give to WIN Today!

WIN would like to thank our generous WIN Development Fund Donors!

Platinum Donors
$5,000 and up

Tina DeLapp
Sheena Ferguson
Ann Voda
Jim and Nancy Woods

Gold Donors
$1,000 – $4,999
Carol Ashton
Judith Berg
Boise State University School of Nursing
Martha Driessnack
Beverly Hoeffer
Pauline Komnenich
Martha Lentz
Marie Lobo
OHSU School of Nursing
Paula McNeil
Pamela Mitchell
Jan Shoultz
Joyce Verran
Ann Voda
Heather Young

Silver Donors
$500 – $999
Anonymous n = 1
Marie Driever
Carol Lindeman
Ginette Pepper
Anita Reinhardt
Anna Shannon
Joan Shaver
Donna Velasquez

Bronze Donors
$250 – $449
Lynne C. Andrus
Jane Lassetter
Kathleen Long
Joan (Kathy) Magilvy
Maureen O’Malley
Charlie Winters

Copper Donors
$1 – $249
Anonymous n = 18
Terry Badger
Debra Bakerjian
Susan Bakewell-Sachs
Margaret Beaman
Karen Cameron
Kathleen Chafey
Jennifer Collins
Janice Crist
Mary Dellefield
Charles Downs
Bronwynne Evans
Bronwyn Fields
Martha Fuller
Chiyoko Furukawa
Kathleen Gilchrist
Bernice G. Gulek
Nancy Haugen
Lori Hendrickx
Gail Houck
Karen Ippolito
Julie Johnson
Jeanne Kearns
Ellen Lewis
Anthony McGuire
Carrie Merkle
Tarnia Newton
Elizabeth Nichols
Jeannette O’Brien
Judy Pedro
Jennifer Peterson
Cherie Rector
Roberta Rehm
Anne Rosenfeld
Jacqueline Saucier
Alyce Schultz
Kathryn Sexson
Kristen Swanson
Asma Taha
Lisa Zenoni