The Western Institute of Nursing (WIN) is unique in that our mission includes the advancement of research, education, and practice. Successful integration of these three areas at annual conferences is a challenge that WIN strives to meet. In the past, the Clinical Inquiry Initiative (CII) sessions have provided opportunities for clinical and research staff to partner on evidence-based practice (EBP) projects. More recently, nurse scientists working in clinical settings have been encouraged to network by attending group meetings and pre-conference sessions. Our next step is to encourage collaboration and partnerships between PhD and DNP prepared nurses.

The WIN conference provides opportunities for submission of three distinct types of papers and abstracts intended to advance our mission. Papers and abstracts focused on practice may include: research, (e.g. instrument development, methodological studies, research-based best practices); theory development/concept analysis; and project/best practices. Please consider contributing to our mission to advance practice-focused scholarship and collaboration among nurse researchers, educators, and clinicians. Help us advance WIN’s unique threefold mission.