This page contains some resources for anyone preparing a presentation for the WIN conference. This will hopefully offer some help to improve the quality of the presentations. Instructions on submitting your PowerPoint file to the conference is found after the links to the “Tips for PowerPoint”.

Writing a WINning Abstract

Marty Lentz, University of Washington, gave a highly useful presentation, entitled “Writing a WINning Abstract” to graduate students at a recent WIN conference. She has graciously given permission for the PowerPoint presentation to be placed on the Presenter’s Corner to assist authors with preparation of an abstract.

“Yes, it is Possible: A Research Report in 10 Minutes”

Marty Lentz has graciously made available a presentation entitled, “Yes, It is Possible: A Research Report in 10 Minutes!” This presentation is provided with the permission of the University of Washington School of Nursing and Marty Lentz, speaker.

WIN will provide standing poster boards (8 feet wide x 4 feet high) for the poster display. Tables will not be available. Push pins will be available.

Each poster will be on display for a half day in the morning or afternoon, and the posters will be grouped into themes for each half day. R&IE posters will be organized by institution. Conference participants may view the posters at their discretion. Refreshment breaks will be offered in the poster area, and presenters  should stand by their posters during those times. The times of the refreshment breaks will be printed in the conference program.

A map of the poster display areas will be included in the conference program. Each poster presentation will be listed by day of presentation, title and authors, and will be assigned a number corresponding to the poster board assignment in the poster display area. Posters must be displayed on the assigned poster boards. Please hang your poster only on the date and time and on the poster board assigned. If you place your poster on an unassigned board or hang it at an incorrect time or day, you will be taking the place of another poster presenter and your poster will be removed.

Those assigned to morning poster sessions should plan to have their posters on display by 8:00 AM on the day you are assigned to present. Those posters must be taken down by 12:15 PM. Those with afternoon poster sessions should plan to hang their posters between 12:30 – 1:00 PM and remove the posters by 5:15 PM. If you are attending a lunch or other conference activity at the time your poster is to be removed from the assigned poster board, please ask a colleague to remove it for you.

  • Prepare posters so they are readable from a distance. All lettering should be at least 3/8 inches high.
  • Keep labels and captions brief.
  • Limit the amount of content on the poster so the viewer can easily see and understand the information. Too much detail may mean the information will not be read.
  • If you have a series, indicate the sequence to be followed by numbers, letters, or arrows.
  • For maximum effect, make your poster visually interesting by the use of color and design.

For helpful information about poster sessions, refer to:

  1. Mottet, Elizabeth A., and Barbara L. Jones. 1988. The Poster Session: An Overlooked Management Tool. Journal of Nursing Administration 18 (7, 8):29-33.
  2. Sexton, Dorothy L. 1984. Presentation of Research Findings: The Poster Session. Nursing Research 33(6): 374-375.
Dave Paradi is allowing us to link to several of his pages. Some of these are specific to PowerPoint presentation, but others are of general use. Note: Mr. Paradi’s site is commercial, and clicking these links may pop up windows to buy training. WIN is not affiliated with Mr. Paradi, nor makes any endorsement of his product.

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