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In 1989, the Western Institute of Nursing established the Western Academy of Nurses to recognize and honor nurses who have demonstrated excellence in nursing practice and have advanced practice in direct care, education or research.

The Academy holds an annual meeting in conjunction with the Annual Communicating Nurse Research Conference. Members of the Academy are eligible to serve on the Western Academy of Nurses Selection Committee. Membership in the Western Academy of Nurses requires individual WIN membership.

Each nominee must have a sponsor and a co-sponsor. The sponsor must be a member in good standing of the Academy, but not currently serving on the Selection Committee. The co-sponsor must be a WIN individual member or be from a WIN member agency. A sponsor can nominate more than one person for induction to the Academy.

  • The online nomination form must be completed and submitted for each nominee.
  • Each nomination must include: the sponsor’s nominating statement a letter of support from the co-sponsor, and the nominee’s CV. The sponsor and co-sponsor statements must describe how the nominee is qualified for membership in the Academy (See the “Criteria for Selection” section). None of the statements shall exceed the word limit specified in the “Criteria for Selection.”

Nominees for induction to the Academy shall have been actively engaged in WIN over a period of five (5) years, be a member in good standing of WIN, and have demonstrated excellence in scholarship/research, practice and/or education.

Each of the statements from the sponsor and co-sponsor should address the criteria below and provide evidence of:

  • In 300 words or less, the nominee’s abilities, accomplishments, and leadership in at least one of the following areas: scholarship/research, practice and/or education;
  • In 150 words or less, the nominee’s support for the objectives of the Western Institute of Nursing (WIN). Evidence should be provided as to how the nominee’s contributions have benefitted nursing in the west in particular.

Each sponsor may not know all aspects of the nominee’s professional accomplishments and may elaborate on different attributes. However, the two statements together should present as many accomplishments of the candidate as possible. To assist the selection committee in making an informed decision about the qualifications of the candidate for membership in the Academy, the following guidelines are provided:

Evidence for advancing nursing through (at least one of the following):

  • Excellence in scholarship/research
    Provide evidence of the nominee’s contributions to professional nursing through scholarship. Describe ways in which contributions were made – e.g., as an investigator, consultant, mentor; utilization of research to improve practice, teaching or administration; dissemination through presentations and publications; or conceptual formulations that indicate critical thinking.
  • Excellence in practice
    Provide evidence of the nominee’s demonstrated clinical excellence as a registered nurse and/or advanced practice nurse or influence on health systems and programs. Summarize accomplishments and the impact of the contribution.
  • Excellence in education
    Provide evidence of the nominee’s excellence as a nursing educator, developer of outstanding teaching materials, innovation in curriculum or program development, and/or evaluation of clinical education.
  • Evidence of active engagement in the mission and goals of WIN
    Provide evidence to clearly show the nominee’s active engagement and meaningful involvement in WIN activities over a period of 5 years. Include participation on committees, involvement in projects or attendance/presentation at WIN conferences. It is not required that the nominee has held elective office.

The statements and a Curriculum Vitae will be the sole materials used to evaluate the nominee.

The Academy’s Selection Committee will review all nominations and select those to be inducted into the Academy. The sponsors and co-sponsors will be notified of the decisions of the selection committee. Applications are due no later than Friday, November 18, 2016 at 5:00 PM. Notification of decisions will be made no later than January 2016. The sponsors will have the opportunity to notify the award recipient prior to the notification by WIN.

The induction of newly selected members of the Western Academy of Nurses will occur at the awards ceremony held in conjunction with the 50th Annual Communicating Nursing Research Conference, April 19-22, 2017 at Colorado Convention Center, Denver Colorado.  The sponsors of the nominees will introduce the respective new Academy members. Each new Academy member will receive a certificate of recognition and will be featured on the WIN website.

WIN is not able to defray registration fees or reimburse travel expenses for the award recipient, sponsor or co-sponsor.

The completed online nomination form, the letters from the sponsor and co-sponsor, and the CV must be received in the WIN office no later than Friday, November 18, 2016 at 5:00 PM.

Please use the online nomination form for making your nomination. Click here for the form.