Geriatric Nursing Research Award

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In 2001, WIN established the Geriatric Nursing Research Award in partnership with the John A. Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing. The overall goal of the award is to foster and showcase geriatric nursing research. Two recipients may be selected annually: 1) a senior researcher; and 2) a new researcher.


YearSenior ResearcherNew Researcher
2001Patricia G. Archbold, Oregon Health & Science UniversityLinda Phillips, The University of Arizona
2002Jeanie Kayser-Jones, University of California San FranciscoKaren A. Talerico, Oregon Health & Science University
2003 Betty L. Chang, University of California Los AngelesJill A. Bennett, Oregon Health & Science University
2004Margaret Dimond, University of WashingtonJanet C. Mentes, University of California Los Angeles
2005Charlene Harrington, University of California San FranciscoLissi Hansen, Oregon Health & Science University
2006Julie Fleury, Arizona State UniversityNelma Shearer, Arizona State University
2007Heather M. Young, Oregon Health & Science University Lynn Woods, University of California Los Angeles
2008Colleen Keller, Arizona State UniversityElena Siegel, Oregon Health & Science University
2009Ginette A. Pepper, University of UtahCasey Shillam, University of Portland
2010Bronwynne Evans, Arizona State University Glenise L. McKenzie, Oregon Health & Science University
2011Neva L. Crogan, Washington State UniversityDebra Bakerjian, University of California Davis
2012Gloria Adriana Perez, Arizona State University
2013Janice D. Crist, University of ArizonaCorey G. Nagel, Oregon Health & Science University
2015Linda S. Edelman, University of Utah
2017Jane Chung, University of New Mexico
2018Roschelle L. Fritz, Washington State University


Each nominee must have a sponsor and a co-sponsor. The sponsor and co-sponsor must be individual members of WIN or be from a WIN member agency(ies).

The online nomination form must be completed and submitted for each nominee.

Each nomination must include the sponsor’s nominating statement and a letter of support from the co-sponsor. None of the statements shall exceed one (1) single-spaced page. Each letter should specifically address the Selection Criteria below.


Award for a Senior Researcher: Each nomination must include statements from the sponsor and co-sponsor that provide a synthesis of how the nominee’s geriatric research career has made a substantial and sustained contribution to the discipline of nursing.

Award for a New Researcher: Each nomination must include statements from the sponsor and co-sponsor that provide evidence of the promise of the researcher, including completed research, publications and presentations.


The Geriatric Nursing Research and Education Award(s) Selection Committee will select the 2019 recipient(s). The Committee includes: Terri Harvath, Cynthia Corbett, Ginny Pepper and Corinna Trujillo-Tanner. The sponsor will be notified of the Committee’s decision by January 2019. The sponsor will have the opportunity to notify the respective award recipient prior to notification by WIN.


The Regional Geriatric Nursing Research Award(s) will be presented at the awards ceremony held in conjunction with 52nd Annual Communicating Nursing Research Conference, April 10-13, 2019 at the Town & Country Resort and Convention Center San Diego, California.  A plaque will be presented to the Senior Researcher and a plaque and a cash award of $200 will be presented to the New Researcher.


WIN is not able to defray registration fees or reimburse travel expenses for the award recipients, sponsors or co-sponsors.


The completed online nomination form, the letter from the sponsor and the letter from the co-sponsor must be received in the WIN office no later than Thursday, November 15, 2018 at 5:00 PM.


Please use the online nomination form for making your nomination. Click here for the form.