We invite you to JOIN WIN now or RENEW your membership! 

WIN membership offers a variety of valuable benefits for its members

  • Individual members receive a subscription to Nursing Research; reduced conference registration fees; a complimentary copy of the conference proceedings; multiple opportunities to network with educators, clinicians, researchers and students to share research, education innovations, and clinical projects; and the opportunity to mentor or be mentored in research, education and clinical roles.
  • Are you a clinical organization applying for, or renewing, your Magnet Hospital status? WIN membership helps you demonstrate your achievement of the model components: “New Knowledge, Innovations, and Improvements.” and “Empirical Quality Outcomes.”
  • Are you an education organization with need to recruit students to graduate study or to recruit faculty to your institution? WIN membership gives you access to students considering graduate school and faculty seeking teaching and research positions.
  • Are you a student or a post-doc?  WIN provides the opportunity to access mentoring for graduate students and junior faculty.
  • Clinical and education organizational members have the right to name an agency-designated individual member who receives Nursing Research, reduced conference registration fees, and the complimentary copy of the conference proceedings among other benefits.
  • Are you an Affiliate of one of our Organizational Members? WIN offers an organizational membership to core entities at the regular price of $984. That membership then entitles a core entity to submit a list of the agencies within its system to join WIN as Organizational Affiliates at the reduced rate of $739.00. The reduced rate is available only to those educational or practice agencies that belong to an overarching core entity that joins as an organizational member and that submits a list of its eligible agencies.

It’s easy to JOIN or RENEW your membership as an individual member, a student member, a retired nurse member, or an organizational member.

Need more information?  win@ohsu.edu