Join the Western Institute of Nursing as a New Graduate – Individual Member* and you will receive: 

A reduction in member fees of $40.  Which means your first year of membership is $139 – and affords you the following benefits:

  • A subscription to Nursing Research, WIN’s official journal;
  • A complimentary copy of the proceedings of the annual WIN Communicating Nursing Research Conference with over 400 podium and poster reports of new research, educational and clinical projects;
  • A reduced registration fee for the annual Communicating Nursing Research conference;
  • Multiple opportunities to network with educators, clinicians, researchers, and students to share research, education innovations, and clinical projects;
  • Opportunity to mentor or be mentored in research, education, and clinical roles;
  • Opportunity to identify and discuss potential employment opportunities in educational and clinical settings;
  • The right to vote in WIN elections and at the annual meeting of the Governing Assembly; and
  • The right to serve in elected and appointed capacities.

*Your membership is valid for one year from the date it is received.

When you join WIN, you will add your voice to other nurses who are:

  • Leaders in nursing education, practice and research in the Western United States;
  • Individual educators, clinicians and researchers who have a commitment to share their expertise to develop knowledge and apply it to advance the profession of nursing;
  • Graduate students from across the region and the world who are at various stages of completing a masters or doctoral program, who are committed to sharing their research, and
  • Leaders in health care delivery from diverse acute care, chronic care and community based settings.

WIN members are the educators and mentors for the next generation of nurses, and constitute the research community in the Western region.

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The Western Institute of Nursing (WIN) has helped me grow in my role as a nurse educator and researcher. I have been involved since the mid-70s when I finished my masters degree at the University of Washington. WIN has helped me create a lifelong connection to, and friendship with, other educators, researchers, and clinicians. WIN has a rich and strong tradition of leadership and mentorship within the West. This organization has been visionary and strategic in advancing the profession, tackling issues such as enhancing graduate education, assessing nursing supply and demand, and starting the first disseminating nursing research conference in the U.S.

This legacy lives on today in several ways. First, WIN’s annual research conference is widely acknowledged as a place where new research is presented. This conference provides a forum for nurse scholars from clinical and academic institutions to meet and share findings. Second, its leadership in nursing informatics education has provided knowledge to faculty from numerous schools of nursing and assisted them in incorporating informatics into undergraduate and graduate curricula. Third, WIN serves as a clearinghouse for nurse scholars interested in collaboration across research, clinical, and education issues.

I take great pride in our organization, and particularly value the role WIN plays in acculturating graduate students into their new roles. It has become a “home” for many of us. Nowhere else is there an opportunity to network across the region with new and expert researchers, educators and clinicians, and to share your research interests, education innovations and clinical projects. On behalf of WIN, I cordially invite you to join today!


Margaret Heitkemper, PhD, RN, FAAN
University of Washington