Are you an affiliate of one of our Organizational Members? 

WIN offers an organizational membership to core entities at the regular price of $984. That membership then entitles a core entity to submit a list of the agencies within its system to join WIN as Organizational Affiliates at the reduced rate of $739.00. The reduced rate is available only to those educational or practice agencies that belong to an overarching core entity that joins as an organizational member and that submits a list of its eligible agencies.

What does this mean for you?  You are afforded the benefits of an Organizational Membership at a reduced rate.

When you join WIN as an agency member* you will receive:

  • One (1) agency individual membership. The individual you designate pays a reduced registration fee for the Annual Conference, votes in the elections, and receives a subscription to Nursing Research and a complimentary copy of the proceedings of the Annual Conference.
  • The opportunity to participate in the Research and Information Exchange (opportunity to display up to twelve posters at annual conference).
  • One free exhibit table at the annual conference.
  • The opportunity to network with clinicians, researchers, and other educators.
  • The opportunity to recruit faculty.
  • The opportunity to recruit students to graduate study.
  • The opportunity to participate in (for schools with doctoral programs).
  • The opportunity to access mentoring for graduate students and junior faculty into the various professional roles nurses fi ll in today’s educational and health care environments.
  • Opportunities to establish partnerships across institutions to facilitate research and to promote educational innovations.

*Agency membership runs from July 1 to June 30.

When you join WIN, you will add your voice to other nurses who are:

  • Leaders in nursing education, practice, and research in the Western United States;
  • Individual educators, clinicians, and researchers who have a commitment to share their expertise to develop knowledge and apply it to advance the profession of nursing;
  • Graduate students from across the region and the world who are at various stages of completing a masters or doctoral program, who are committed to sharing their research, and who may be potential employees;
  • Leaders of agency members who are meeting their educational, research, and/or clinical goals through participating in WIN; and
  • Leaders in health care delivery from diverse acute care, chronic care, and community based settings.

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