Anna M. Shannon Mentorship Award


In 1992, Kathleen Ann Long, formerly Dean and Professor of the College of Nursing at Montana State University, and Jeanne Kearns, formerly Executive Director of WIN, established the Anna M. Shannon Mentorship Award. This award recognizes Dr. Shannon, who was then Dean and Professor Emeritus of the Montana State University College of Nursing, for her unselfish efforts to support and promote the professional growth of other nurses in the West.


1993: Phyllis Ethridge, Carondelet St. Mary’s Hospital
1994: Jeanne Quint Benoliel, University of Washington
1994: Afaf I. Meleis, University of California, San Francisco
1995: Ann M. Voda, University of Utah
1995: Helen Nakagawa-Kogan, University of Washington
1996: Barbara J. Stewart, Oregon Health Sciences University
1998: Sheila M. Kodadek, Oregon Health Sciences University
1999: Joan Kathleen (Kathy) Magilvy, University of Colorado
2000: Jacquelyn H. Flaskerud, University of California
2001: Jillian Inouye, University of Hawaii at Manoa
2002: Anne Marie Kotzer, The Children’s Hospital
2002: Nancy White, University of Northern Colorado
2003: Clarann Weinert, Montana State University
2004: Julie Fleury, Arizona State University
2005: Mary E. Tiedeman, Brigham Young University
2006: Noel J. Chrisman, University of Washington
2006: Tina D. DeLapp, University of Alaska Anchorage
2007: Becky Christian, University of Utah
2008: Nancy L. R. Anderson, University of California, Los Angeles
2009: Lori A. Loan, Madigan Army Medical Center
2010: Kathryn Records, Arizona State University
2011: Martha J. Lentz, University of Washington
2012: Heather M. Young, University of California, Davis
2013: Nancy Fugate Woods, University of Washington
2014: Terry Badger, The University of Arizona
2015: Anne G. Rosenfeld, The University of Arizona
2016: Lorraine Evangelista, University of California, Irvine
2017: Marie Lobo, University of New Mexico
2018: Judith A. Berg, The University of Arizona
2019: Jane Grassley, Boise State University
2020: Basia Belza, University of Washington
2021: Lois Loescher, The University of Arizona
2021: Andrea Wallace, University of Utah
2022: Laura Larsson, Montana State University
2023: Frances Lewis, University of Washington


The individual submitting the nomination must be an individual member of WIN or from a WIN member organization. The nomination form must be completed and submitted for each nominee no later than November 1. Each nominee must have a sponsor and two supporting nominators. At least one of the three nominators shall be a person who was mentored by the nominee. Each nomination must include the sponsor’s nominating statement that shall not exceed 1200 words and letters from the two supporting nominators, none of which shall exceed 500 words. The statements should indicate how the sponsor or supporting nominator knows the nominee and for how long and describe how the nominee has served as an exemplary mentor. The nominator who was mentored by the nominee shall note that relationship in her/his letter. See “Criteria for Selection” for additional guidance.


The nominee must be a nurse who is a current individual member of WIN or is employed by a WIN member organization. The Selection Committee will review only evidence submitted on the nomination form documenting that the individual is an exemplary mentor for nurses and/or for nursing students. Nominators shall provide evidence that the candidate:

  • Serves as a role model for leadership and professionalism;
  • Is actively involved in supporting the professional development of nurses and/or nursing students;
  • Places greater emphasis on advancement of the nursing profession than on advancement of self; and
  • Communicates a vision of nursing which inspires others. A word limit of 250 – 300 words will be imposed on each section.

The WIN Awards Committee will select the award recipient. The sponsor will have the opportunity to notify the award recipient prior to notification by WIN.


The Anna M. Shannon Mentorship Award will be presented at the annual WIN Conference.


WIN is not able to defray registration fees or reimburse travel expenses for the award recipient, sponsor or co-sponsors.


The completed online nomination form, the letter from the sponsor and the letters of support from the two co-sponsors must be received in the WIN office by November 1.