Mission, Vision, and Goals


Connecting a diverse community of nurses in the West to improve health through excellence in nursing research, practice, and education.


All people have the opportunity to achieve their best health and wellbeing.


Revised: September 15, 2023

Goal 1: Structure opportunities to advance health equity in the West
  • Promote health equity through WIN programming
  • Develop nurse leaders from diverse populations
  • Increase the number of monetary awards focusing on health disparities in the West

Goal 2: Advance health by connecting, unifying, and supporting researchers, clinicians, and educators
  • Foster partnerships and collaboration among researchers, clinicians, and educators
  • Increase the visibility of WIN
  • Grow and sustain membership
Goal 3: Build capacity for nursing scholarship in research, practice, and education
  • Develop and implement fundraising initiatives
  • Increase the number of monetary awards for research, practice, and education