Through its Annual Fund, WIN works to raise $20,000 each year to support the WIN awards and joint research grants with CANS, NLN, and Sigma. An Endowment Fund has been established to create new funding opportunities for WIN members over time. Funds raised over $20,000 will be placed in the endowment to facilitate its growth. Consider making a contribution today.


We extend our deepest gratitude to our 2023-24 donors:

Gold Donors ($2500 – $4999)
Judy Berg
Tina & John DeLapp 
Sarah Shannon – In Memory of Marty Lentz

Diamond Donors ($1000 – $2499)
Marjorie Batey – In Memory of Marty Lentz
Judy Berg – In Honor of Marie Driever
Kathy Lee
Marie Lobo
Paula McNeil
Annette Nasr – In Honor of Judy Berg
Joan Shaver*
Nancy Woods
Heather Young* 

Silver Donors ($500 – $999)
Carol Ashton – In Memory of Marie Driever
Tina DeLapp* – In Memory of Marie Driever
Pauline Komnenich
Marie Lobo* – In Memory of Marie Driever
Pamela Mitchell – In Honor of Marie Driever

Bronze Donors ($250 – $499)
Susan Bakewell-Sachs
Heather Coats – In Honor of Anne Rosenfeld
Beverly Hoeffer – In Honor of Paula McNeil
Suzanne Lareau
Paula Meek  – In Honor of Joyce Verran

Copper Donors (up to $249)
Terry Badger
Lauren Clark
Kathleen Gilchrist
Jane Lassetter
Kristin Lutz*
Austin Nation
Joanne Noone
Bo Perry* – In Memory of Marie Driever
Marie Prothero
Kathryn Sexson – In Honor of Chris Muma
Ann Voda
Kyla F. Woodward

*Donation to WIN's Endowment Fund