Carol A. Lindeman Award for a New Researcher


The WCHEN/WIN Annual Award for Achievement of a New Researcher was started in 1976 and supported through 1987 by Carol A. Lindeman, RN, PhD. The award was then renamed the Carol A. Lindeman Award for a New Researcher to recognize Dr. Lindeman’s contributions to nursing research. The recipient receives a plaque and cash award of $250, and the award-winning paper is included in the annual conference proceedings.


1978: Alice S. Demi, University of Colorado Medical Center
1979: Joanne Sullivan Marut, University of California, San Francisco
1980: Carolyn Webster-Stratton, University of Washington
1981: Susan J. Quaal, Veterans Administration Medical Center, Salt Lake City
1982: Letha Lierman, University of Utah
1983: Diane Magyary, University of Washington
1984: Shawn K. Elmore, University of Washington
1985: Pam Hellings, Oregon Health & Science University
1986: Gwenyth G. Gerhard, University of Lowell
1987: Frederica W. O’Connor, University of Washington
1988: Kären M. Landenburger, University of Colorado
1989: Sally H. Rankin, University of California, San Francisco
1990: JoAnn G. Congdon, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
1991: Diana J. Wilkie, University of Washington
1992: Jane M. Georges, University of Washington
1993: Patricia E. Stevens, University of California, San Francisco
1994: Debra Gay Anderson, Washington State University/ICNE
1995: Patricia A. Carney, Dartmouth Medical School
1996: Jo Anne Perry, University of British Columbia, Vancouver
1997: Elizabeth A. LeCuyer, Washington State University, Vancouver
1998: Gretchen M. Zunkel, Arizona State University
1999: Irene S. Morgan, California State University, Chico
2000: Christine A. Thurston, Department of Human Services, Salem, OR
2001: Lori A. Loan, Madigan Army Medical Center, Tacoma, WA
2002: Mary Jayne Johnson, Brigham Young University
2003: Kuei-Hsiang Hsueh, Northern Arizona University
2004: Young-Shin Lee, University of San Diego
2004: Kristin F. Lutz, Oregon Health & Science University
2005: Patricia Flannery Pearce, University of Utah
2006: Margaret F. Clayton, University of Utah
2007: Catherine R. Van Son, Oregon Health & Science University
2008: Cecelia L. Roscigno, University of Washington
2009: Gwen Latendresse, University of Utah
2010: Katie Anne Adamson, Washington State University
2011: Connie Kim Yen Nguyen-Truong, Oregon Health & Science University
2012: Terri L. Yost, Tripler Army Medical Center, Honolulu, HI
2013: Gayle J. Kipnis, California State University, Chico
2014: Carolyn Montoya, University of New Mexico
2015: Moonju Lee, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
2016: Lyndsey M. Miller, Oregon Health & Science University
2017: Manu Thakral, Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute
2018: Daniel T. Linnen, Kaiser Permanente Northern California
2019: Krista L. Scorsone, University of New Mexico
2020: Christine Platt, University of Arizona
2021: Shumenghui Zhai, University of Washington
2022: Paula M. Kett, University of Washington
2023: Omeid Heidari, University of Washington
2024: Scott S. Christensen, University of Utah
2024: Kayla D. Longoria, University of California, San Francisco


Eligibility for the Carol A. Lindeman Award for a New Researcher is tied to the abstract submission process. Those eligible for the award will be individuals who:

  1. Submit an abstract for consideration by the Program Committee;
  2. Mark the appropriate box on the online abstract submission form indicating the desire to be considered for the Carol A. Lindeman Award for a New Researcher;
  3. Are graduate students, or nurses not more than two years post highest degree earned;
  4. Have assumed primary responsibility for the conceptualization, design, and conduct of the research to be presented during a podium or symposium presentation. An advisor may not be listed as co-author on the 5-page paper but may be recognized in the text. Subsequent versions of the study may include additional authors/advisors. All authors will be listed on the abstract that is included in the conference proceedings;

  5. Have their respective abstracts accepted by the Program Committee for podium presentation as completed research at WIN’s annual Communicating Nursing Research Conference;
  6. Submit a full paper of up to five (5) pages on the completed research for award consideration by the deadline;
  7. Have not had the five page paper accepted by another regional or national organization for publication or presentation prior to WIN’s submission deadline.

Notice of abstract selection and additional information about submitting a full paper for consideration for the Lindeman Award will be sent in mid-December to those who qualify.



Each five page paper will be judged on the basis of:

  • quality of research;
  • quality of written presentation; and
  • relevance of the study for the discipline of nursing.

The WIN Research Committee will select the award recipient. All who submit papers will be notified of the committee’s decision in February.


The Carol A. Lindeman Award for a New Researcher will be presented at the annual WIN Conference.


WIN is not able to defray registration fees or reimburse travel expenses for the award recipient.