Jo Eleanor Elliott Leadership Award


In 1988, Jeanne Kearns, former Executive Director of WIN, established the Jo Eleanor Elliott Leadership Award. This award honors Jo Eleanor Elliott for outstanding leadership while serving as the Director of Nursing Programs at WICHE and the Executive Secretary of WCHEN from 1957-1980.


1988: Anna Shannon, Montana State University
1989: Ellamae Branstetter, Arizona State University
1990: Jean Lum, University of Hawai’i
1991: Carol Lindeman, Oregon Health Sciences University
1992: Marylou McAthie, Sonoma State University
1993: Juanita Murphy, Arizona State University
1994: Elizabeth Nichols, University of Wyoming
1995: Gerry Hanson, Weber State University
1996: Thelma Cleveland, Intercollegiate Center for Nursing Education
1997: Barbara Derwinski-Robinson, Montana State University
1998: Jeanne Kearns, Western Institute of Nursing
1999: Marie F. Branch, WICHE
2000: Helen Ripple, University of California, San Francisco Medical Center
2001: Elaine Sorensen Marshall, Brigham Young University
2001: Pamela H. Mitchell, University of Washington
2002: Tina D. DeLapp, University of Alaska Anchorage
2003: Jane E. Hirsch, University of California, San Francisco Medical Center
2004: Kathleen Chafey, Montana State University
2007: Carol A. Ashton, Idaho State University
2007: Terry A. Badger, The University of Arizona
2008: Marie J. Driever, Group Health Cooperative
2012: Margaret M. Heitkemper, University of Washington
2013: Kathy Magilvy, University of Colorado
2017: Judith A. Berg, The University of Arizona
2018: Martha J. Lentz, University of Washington
2019: Lauren Clark, University of Utah
2020: Sheena Ferguson, University of New Mexico
2023: Nancy Woods, University of Washington

  1. Each nominee must have a sponsor and two co-sponsors. The individual who is submitting the nomination must be an individual member of WIN or from a WIN member organization.
  2. The online nomination form must be completed and submitted for each nominee. Each nomination must include the sponsor’s nominating statement and letters of support from the two co-sponsors. None of the statements shall exceed 500 words.
  3. Each statement must include information about how:

• The nominator knows the nominee and for how long; and

• The nominee has directly or indirectly furthered the mission and goals of WIN through: service on the Board and/or committees; development/implementation of projects (WIN or others); and contributions to the profession of nursing.

  1. A nominee for the Jo Eleanor Elliott Award must be a nurse who was, or is, actively involved in WIN.
  2. Nomination materials must provide evidence that the individual provides, or has provided, outstanding leadership for nurses, such as:

• Serving as a member of the Board, committees, task forces and/or advisory committees, or as a staff member;

• Supporting the development/implementation of projects;

• Contributing to the profession of nursing in ways that directly or indirectly promoted, or have promoted, achievement of WIN’s mission and goals.


The WIN Awards Committee will select the recipient. The sponsor will have the opportunity to notify the award recipient prior to notification by WIN.


The Jo Eleanor Elliott Leadership Award will be presented at the annual WIN Conference.


WIN is not able to defray registration fees or reimburse travel expenses for the award recipient, sponsor, or co-sponsors.


The completed online nomination form, the letter from the sponsor, and the letters from the co-sponsors must be received in the WIN office no later than November 1.