Distinguished Research Lectureship Award


The Distinguished Research Lectureship award was instituted at the 1988 annual Communicating Nursing Research Conference sponsored by the Western Society for Research in Nursing (WSRN was merged with the Western Institute of Nursing in 1996). The award recognizes a senior investigator whose research career has made substantial and sustained contributions to nursing.

Recipients of the Distinguished Research Lectureship award include:

1988: Ramona Mercer, University of California, San Francisco
1989: Jeanne Quint Benoliel, University of Washington
1990: Agnes Aamodt, The University of Arizona
1991: Patricia Archbold, Oregon Health & Science University
1993: Nancy Fugate Woods, University of Washington
1994: Adeline Nyamathi, University of California, Los Angeles
1995: Joyce Verran, The University of Arizona
1996: Marie Cowan, University of Washington
1997: William L. Holzemer, University of California, San Francisco
1998: Margaret Heitkemper, University of Washington
1999: Marylin Dodd, University of California, San Francisco
2000: Leona Eggert, University of Washington
2000: Virginia Tilden, Oregon Health & Science University
2001: Lillian Nail, Oregon Health & Science University
2002: Kathleen Dracup, University of California, San Francisco
2003: Ida M. (Ki) Moore, The University of Arizona
2004: Pamela H. Mitchell, University of Washington
2005: Frances M. Lewis, University of Washington
2006: Christine Miaskowski, University of California, San Francisco
2007: Maureen Keefe, University of Utah
2008: Clarann Weinert, Montana State University
2009: Elaine Adams Thompson, University of Washington
2010: Ginette A. Pepper, University of Utah
2011: Bernadette Melnyk, Arizona State University
2012: Martha J. Lentz, University of Washington
2013: Terry A. Badger, The University of Arizona
2014: Deborah Koniak-Griffin, University of California, Los Angeles
2015: Judith Gedney Baggs, Oregon Health & Science University
2016: Carolyn (Carrie) Merkle, The University of Arizona
2017: Joan Shaver, The University of Arizona
2018: Patricia Butterfield, Washington State University
2019: Paula Meek, University of Colorado
2021: Lorraine S. Evangelista, University of Texas Medical Branch
2022: Kathryn A. Lee, University of California, San Francisco
2023: Mary A. Nies, Idaho State University
2024: Lissi Hansen, Oregon Health & Science University

  • Each nominee must have a sponsor and co-sponsor. The sponsors must be individual members of WIN or from a WIN member organization.
  • The award nomination form (below) must be completed by the primary sponsor.
  • In addition to the award nomination form, each nomination must include two (2) completed Distinguished Research Lectureship (DRL) nomination forms. One form should be completed by the sponsor, and the second form should be completed by the co-sponsor. Both sponsors must complete all sections of the DRL nomination form, and each section is limited to 300 words. The completed DRL nomination forms should be uploaded to the award nomination form (below). The sponsor is also responsible for securing the nominee’s permission to be nominated and for submitting a copy of the nominee’s current biosketch, using the NIH biosketch form available at: https://grants.nih.gov/grants/forms/biosketch.htmbiosketch.htmbiosketch.htmbiosketch.htmbiosketch.htmbiosketch.htmbiosketch.htmbiosketch.htmbiosketch.htm
    Do not include vitae or articles; these materials will not be considered.
  • Previous recipients of the Distinguished Research Lectureship award are not eligible for consideration.



The Distinguished Research Lecturer has:

  • A program of research and an active history of funded research (no specification about the source of funding is required),
  • A record of publications,
  • Evidence of mentoring other researchers, and
  • A history of significant contributions to WIN.



The award nomination form (below) and the Distinguished Research Lectureship (DRL) nomination forms from the sponsor and co-sponsor must be received in the WIN office by June 30, 2023.



The WIN Program Committee will select the Distinguished Research Lectureship award recipient. All sponsors will be notified of the Committee’s decision in August 2023. The primary sponsor will have the first opportunity to notify the award recipient.



The Distinguished Research Lecturer will be recognized during the awards lunch at the annual WIN Conference and at the Distinguished Research Lectureship plenary session. This presentation is approximately one hour in length and addresses the lecturer’s research career and contributions to nursing science.

The Distinguished Research Lectureship award recipient is invited to submit a paper to be included in the conference proceedings. The paper should be up to 10 pages, exclusive of references.



WIN is not able to defray registration fees or reimburse travel expenses for the award recipient, sponsor, or co-sponsor.